About Us

The Creative Groomers Association was started for groomers by groomers because there was need of a place for groomers to go and feel like they have a voice. We are a Non Profit organization that is set on education and bringing pet stylists together with a common interest weather it be a simple design or a full fledge extreme makeover. With Creative Groomers Association we want all members to have an opinion and a voice. There is a board consisting of thirteen directors that come from all walks in the grooming industry. There are current Groom Team USA members, non active Groom Team USA and UK members, A licensed veterinarian , Current and past competitive creative groomers, and even a few cosmetologist / groomers.

Some goals of the Creative Groomers Association will be to help educational institutes in our field to come up with certification, we feel it is very important to have a great backing from the industries top schools and dog grooming associations. Creative Groomers Association will also be holding hands on workshops across the country. We welcome all dog and cat groomers with any length of experience. In upcoming months we will offer online How To’s videos, Webinars, Mini contests, a fun chat forum for members, a full Facebook chat for for everyone, and much more. We are pleased for all the support our industry has given us and this association hopes to give that back and help others as well. Thank you, Lori Craig